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Tasty Lunch and Dinner – Odyssey World Restaurant

We love Odyssey World for Lunch and Dinner. The Bowls of rice and veg / chick are my favorite for a small meal and my wife loves everything here. Today I am short on words, but long on memories, so go and enjoy a simple fresh well prepared meal.

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Best Dog Wash Ever! -Tasha’s Mobil Pet SPA

Tasha is Mobile

Tasha’s Mobile Pet Spa

Tasha is a fabulous doggie groomer. She takes care of our border collie and does a wonderful job. Now her mobile grooming service it’s quite a package. I said mobile grooming service because she comes to you bring your trailer and it’s got everything in it to take care of the dog. And I mean everything. When our dog got skunked a while back Tasha took care of everything. What a relief. If you’ve ever tried to deskunk a dog yourself well you know what I’m saying. But Tasha handled it without a blink and did a fabulous job.

I Love Tasha Mobile Pet Spa

I Love Tasha

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Best Fresh Fish Anywhere – Pier 46 Seafood Market & Restaurant

We love the fresh Salmon and the Fish and chips with the sweet potato fries! We Order and pick up and is is always easy. The parking can be tricky with Trader Joe’s across the parking lot, however we have good parking karma and it is just easy, every time.

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World’s Greatest Opera Streamed Free!

Opera is Streaming from The New York Metropolitan  Opera with an opera a day this week. For the opera lovers this is a boon. Seeing an opera a day from now thru 12 July could be an overdose of culture. Be sure to connect for an incredible experience.

The New York Metropolitan Opera is a world class operation and one of finest opera companies in the world. This is a rare opportunity don’t miss it! Click the link below for full information about how to stream to your devices. Click the Link for Details.

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Fresh Flavors – A top Restaurant in Paso – Thomas Hill Organics

Thomas Hill Organics will have a menu that you did not expect. Including Cuban Sandwiches and more. This is a must go to restaurant to enjoy the array of creations that await you!

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Another Fantastic tour with Gina DeGirolamo and her youtube channel The Heart o Paso.

Best Italian Meal in Paso Robles – Buona Tavola

Shrimp and Angel Hair Pastaby Buona Tavola

Angel Hair Pasta

For a special meal, set the table at home, open that nice bottle of wine, the place your order at Buona Tavola and drive by for curb side pick up. You can the have a wonderful meal and after the wine the drive home will be zero. Its a lot of fun, give it a try. Call (805) 237-0600 and place your order and ask about delivery options too!

Caprese Salad by Buona Tavola

Caprese Salad

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Your Best Plumbers are at Joe’s Plumbing

Joe’s Plumbing – The One To Call at (805) 470-0578 for your best plumber in Atascadero and Paso Robles. Joe Specializes in Drain Cleaning and Water Heater installation and replacement. You want a trouble free drain – See Joe today and See what others say! Meet your new favorite plumber.

Dependable Joe's Plumbing

Joe’s Plumbing

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Paso Robles Fire Department

Thank you Paso Robles Fire Department for your incredible and ever so timely work to save so many homes in the Capitol Hill Fire in June 2020. Wow!!! Wow!!! Wow!!!

The Paso Robles Department of Emergency Services has a wonderful, informative, and extensive website. Be sure to read and understand what is available, and what to do before you need it! 

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