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Great Chili Verde – Habaneros

I like Habaneros. Now it is tables out front and to go service, but the kitchen is working hard to bring that have that Habeneros taste in every dish. Thank you Habaneros for keeping going through this CV 19 era. Keep cooking. we love it.

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Terrific Seafood – Fish Gaucho

So Lets cut to the chase as they say at the theatre.
New, trendy, lots of  Tequila, exotic menu, great selections, great presentation, wonderful tastes, nice people watching outside, reasonable to slow service. friendly staff and those are the highlights! Bring friends to chat and enjoy the beautiful Paso Robles weather and people.
This place is for the patient people where cost is of no consequence. A wonderful place for an occasional special meal. The Taco trio was perfect and the Scallops were lovely and done just right. My Honey and I agree, lets go again, every so often, Thanks for being part of Paso Robles downtown and keeping the quality choices there for us all!

Tasty Lunch and Dinner – Odyssey World Restaurant

We love Odyssey World for Lunch and Dinner. The Bowls of rice and veg / chick are my favorite for a small meal and my wife loves everything here. Today I am short on words, but long on memories, so go and enjoy a simple fresh well prepared meal.

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Fresh Flavors – A top Restaurant in Paso – Thomas Hill Organics

Thomas Hill Organics will have a menu that you did not expect. Including Cuban Sandwiches and more. This is a must go to restaurant to enjoy the array of creations that await you!

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Another Fantastic tour with Gina DeGirolamo and her youtube channel The Heart o Paso.